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About Alleluia Greetings LLC:

Alleluia Greetings, LLC, is a greeting card company that utilizes original artwork and messages of faith and values on greeting cards that help parents, grandparents, godparents, etc., to share and pass on family values, morals, faith and virtues to younger generations.

When our youngest daughter was being confirmed, her aunt and sponsor reminded our daughter that she not only inherited her Great-Grandmother's name, she inherited her family's faith.

Everyone loves to get mail-nice mail. Quality, inexpensive greeting cards is one way for relatives and friends to keep in contact with each other with written communication.

Although there are numerous greeting cards available in print and greeting cards that can be sent over the internet, Alleluia Greetings, LLC, offers original work and simple stories that will assist adults in sharing and passing forward lessons in faith and values with younger generations of different ages and interests.

The cards are illustrated and written to share traditional values in today's world and are suitable for framing.

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